2018: The year of the portable wood fired pizza oven

Last year saw a huge increase in the popularity of cooking on outdoor and wood fired ovens. At the front of that were launches of new products and in particular some exciting things in the world of portable wood fired pizza ovens. With not only clever engineering for flexible outdoor cooking, these ovens have great design aesthetics too.

We celebrate three ovens that are set to blaze a trail this coming year.

Roccbox and Uuni are fighting it out at the front of the pack. On the back of its crowdfunding success, Roccbox is now shipping to new customers at £499. It comes with interchangeable wood and gas burners and weighs in at 20kg. It takes 15-20 minutes to get up to full temperature and can reach 500C for that all important 90 Second Neapolitan pizza cook.

Roccbox has a stainless steel body with a silicone jacket (available in 2 colours), the fold-away legs are stainless steel. The stone cooking floor is 315mmx340mm in size.

The Uuni Pro matches the price of the Roccbox at £499. It ships with a wood pellet and charcoal burner and is slightly heavier than Roccbox at 26KG. It has a stylish stainless steel finish and a stone cooking floor that is slightly larger than Roccbox at 450mm x 450mm.

The Uuni matches Roccbox for its time to heat up and top temperatures, making it another versatile and portable oven choice for all kinds of outdoor cooking.

Note that if the Uuni pro is out of your price range, you can buy the earlier and smaller Uuni 3 for less (priced at £199 at the time of writing this).

Our third oven is the slightly less celebrated Firepod. This quirky oven is gas only and is different to the Roccbox and Uuni in that it is more of an oven and BBQ hybrid. It’s enamel coated steel body makes it available in several colours and it looks great sat on sturdy oak legs. It’s top cooking temperature is 320C, falling a bit short of the Roccbox and Uuni but still giving a pizza cook time of no more than 3 minutes.

Accessories can be bought for the Firepod to change the baking floor to a griddle or hot stone.

Plenty of lucky folks took delivery of all three of these ovens for Christmas presents and we’re looking forward to seeing all of these portable wood fired ovens and others in use as we get into warmer weather later in the year.

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