Dingley Dell wood fired oven at Manna from Devon
Dingley Dell wood fired oven at the Manna from Devon cookery school

GardenOvens.co.uk began as a collection of notes and research into what options there were to buy and install a Pizza Oven at my home in East Devon.

It all started with a wood fired oven cookery course I took in early 2015. After one day cooking on wood fired ovens I was hooked, and vowed to install an oven at home. At around the same time we moved house, so the timing was perfect.
I had no experience of wood fired ovens, and set about some research. That led me to more and more information and opened a door to the world of wood fired cooking. I was really excited by all the different ovens, the recipes, the ideas for garden kitchens and the new products coming out that I decided to catalogue some of it in this blog.
I was also a bit intimidated by the building side of installing an oven. I’m no builder and not a great home DIY’er, so I just felt a self build oven project was beyond me. I wanted to go for it, but it needed to be as easy and accessible for me as possible.
I then came across a product called Roccbox which was gaining crowd-funding before launch. It looked like the perfect solution for my needs while I worked out a bigger project at home. When I placed the order in March 2016, delivery was due for June. Unfortunately, as time went on it got delayed and I got more impatient. So I went ahead and bought an alternative while I waited for the Roccbox to arrive.
Aldi Pizza oven
3 in 1 pizza oven, from Aldi!
It made its debut on May 31st 2016, with great success!
Whether you are yet to be an oven owner, bought a £99 oven from Aldi like me, a crowdfunded Roccbox or similar, or have a larger, built-in traditional dome oven hopefully you will find something of use on this blog.