Buying a wood fired pizza oven checklist

A simple checklist to help you think about the wood fired pizza oven you need:

What dishes you want to be able to cook, as this will effect the type of oven you buy. Do you want to be able to smoke food, to grill or BBQ?

Do you want to be able cook using retained heat for several hours, as this will effect the level of insulation your oven needs?

How many people you want to be able to cook for at any one time? This will effect the size of oven you buy. It’s worth noting that a traditional dome oven at full heat should cook a pizza in as little as 90 seconds, so even to cook for a large group you don’t necessarily need a large oven.

Do you want to consider having something that is more portable?

Where will your oven be sited?

What base will it go on?

Do you want your oven to be portable so it could be moved in your garden or put away in the winter?

Can you site your oven near your kitchen for ease of access when cooking?

Can you site your oven near your fuel source, or with a fuel source built around or below the oven?

Can you site your oven undercover? Most ovens are very resilient to the UK weather, but you will almost certainly use it more if you can stand out of the rain
Make sure your site is away from trees or other overhanging objects

Can you plan for a surface alongside for pans and preparation?

Have you considered a self build project?

What is your budget?

Do you need to be concerned with smoke control legislation?

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