Midweek wood firing: Stuffed peppers with pitta bread

Stuffed red peppers and half 'n half pittaI fired up the Aldi wood fired oven this week (on a weeknight no less!) to cook dinner in the sunshine. On the menu were these chorizo and halloumi stuffed red peppers with half ‘n half pitta bread and salad.
I let the oven get up to its highest temperature (I can get the Aldi oven to about 330C) and cooked the pittas on the pizza stone. As they cooked, I wrapped the pittas in a tea towel to keep them warm. Once they were done, and as the heat came down a little, I put the peppers on for 25 minutes. I left the oven alone for most of that time, and probably let it cool down too much as I would have liked them to be a bit more charred than they came out.
Nonetheless, it was super tasty washed down with a bottle of Corona and plenty leftover for lunch at work the next day.

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