Pizza types to try: Turkish Pide, Stromboli, Panuozzo and more

There are so many different pizza types that you can make at home through mixing toppings, different types of dough mixes and alternative tomato bases. When it comes to pizza you can go beyond the traditional Neapolitan you might want to have a go at a Pizza Marinara, Chicago deep dish, New York Style or making Calzone.

How about alternative pizza types? Why not try mixing it up and making one of the below.

Turkish Pide

Pide, pronounced Pee-day is a Turkish bread traditionally cooked in hot clay ovens. Its a growing trend and can be served as a plain flatbread or topped. Pide toppings should take inspiration from Middle Eastern cooking and be full of colour and flavour. Try this link for an authentic Pide recipe with meat and vegetables.

Try this link for an authentic Pide recipe.


Stromboli is a bit like calzone and is made using traditional Neapolitan dough, although it was invented in America. Take your toppings, typically Mozzarella and tomato base with Italian meats, and roll them up in the dough before baking. Where a Calzone is shaped like a crescent (a folded Pizza) a Stromboli is usually made as a round, cylindrical shape.

You might want to try taking your Stromboli to the next level and making a Panzerotto. This is like a Stromboli or Calzone but made smaller in size and then fried rather than oven baked.


Italian Panuozzo

A panuozzo is made in two stages. First you bake the dough so that it is hard enough to serve as a bread. You then take your dough and split it to form two pieces between which you put your toppings. You can fill your Panuozzo with all the toppings you might use in your pizza. Once filled, the Panuozzo goes back in the oven for final cooking with the fillings.

Knocking up pancetta panouzzos with San marzano ketchup for staff breakfast today. 🖖🏻

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Lebanese Lahma Bi Ajeen

A Lahma Bi Ajeen is an Arabic type of Pizza from Lebanon. Use a thin dough and top with minced beef or lamb, minced vegetables and herbs. It should be spiced (cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, cinnamon) and then baked.


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