Uuni Pro takes on Roccbox

Uuni have launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new portable oven that looks set to take Roccbox head on, the Uuni Pro. Judging by the support in the first few hours (188 backers and near $100,000 10 hours after launch) it looks to be getting plenty of support.

The Uuni Pro has been developed from the original portable Uuni models as a larger and more versatile wood fired oven. It retains the element of portability although at 26Kg it is quite a weight to carry. Interestingly, that weight is a full 6KG heavier than the Roccbox. The Pro has a 45cm x 45cm cooking surface (Roccbox is 31.5cm x 34cm), stone baking board and claims to be at full temperature in just 15 minutes (matches Roccbox)

For fuel it will run on wood fired pellets (as per earlier models) but also on wood, charcoal and with an option to come for a gas burner, priced at $30 for Indiegogo backers.

Indiegogo backers can pay $499 plus shipping today for delivery in Autumn 2017. Shipping appears to be free for UK and US backers. If you include the gas burner (included in the Roccbox price), the cost rises $529. Roccbox is not currently taking orders but I paid $454 for mine as a super early bird which was listed as 25% off full price, making the ‘normal’ price $605.

It would appear the Uuni Pro is slightly cheaper but these are crowd-funding prices only. At full RRP the Uuni Pro is set to be $649, we currently have no equivalent price for the Roccbox.

Overall the Uuni pro looks great, has a lot of the same features as Roccbox for a similar price with a few differences in size and weight. For customers it’s good to have the choice in the market of both ovens. Both ovens make great, more affordable options for anyone considering a pizza oven but not wanting to spend over £1,000.

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